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Ellie Blocker

Project Manager/Strategist

Kaitlyn Connor

Lead Researcher

Tom Lehner


Sean Stewart

Lead Designer

Emily Haney



Our journey to creating an AR app

  • Phase 1

    Research, Alpha 1.0, and The Plan

    For the first phase of our project, we set out to understand our technology, AR Kit, develop a plan and time-line for our project, and create our first Alpha. This phase set us up for success for duration of our project. We worked for weeks to understand the capabilites and discover new uses of our technology. We were able to create a intial app that would place a cube in a real space.

  • Phase 2

    User Research, Alpha 2.0, UX Map

    As part of our second phase, we conducted more research, but focused on understanding our users. We as a a team, knew our technology, but now it was time for us to understand how and why people would be using our app. We created a dialogue between ourselves and local high school educators, as well as fellow UGA students. We created three possible user profiles which helped inform our UX map. This map was the frame work for the overall design and flow of our final app. We also continued to work with our technology to create a second Alpha. More impressive than the first, this Alpha was able to place an object and allow the user to change the location and size of the object in a real space.

  • Phase 3

    Beta + Design

    For this phase, our team worked on creating the finalized design of our app. The idea behind the design was to keep it simple, while incoporating thoughtful aspects to make usage easier. We also wanted to create a look and feel that made appropriate sense for our client and app. Thanks to our amazing designer, we incorporated colors and fonts with the idea of water and sustainability in mind.

  • Map to SLAM

    The Final App

    As the last phase, our team focused on fine tuning the functionality of our app. We also regrouped and made sure we were still aligned with our inital goals for this project. We took this time to prepare our final presenation and pitch for the upcoming SLAM event.

  • SLAM!


What we aimed to accomplish with our app


Education was our main focus. We found that many people do not know about the quality fo their watershed, nor did they know about the ongoing project at Lake Herrick. One of our main goals for this app was to create a fun,unique, and interactive learning experiences for local students.


Another goal for this app was to find a way to continue to inform Athens locals about their watershed and local sustainability. We relied on resources from our client, Watershed UGA, to find engaging content for users.

The Technology

The technology we worked with is Apple's AR Kit which was released with iOS 11. We were able to code in Unity and Vuforia to create a 3D model of Lake Herrick to create an interactive learning experience.


The werk

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Final Deliverables

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